What should I do if I’ve been in an accident?


More than six million car accidents take place each year in the United States. Most of them involve property damage as opposed to the occupants. However, one out of three motor vehicle accidents involve personal injury to the passengers or the driver. Consequently, two out of every ten accidents result in fatal injuries.


A motor vehicle accident leaves victims feeling devastated or scattered. It is for that reason that you should learn the necessary steps to take after an accident. The guide provided below will reduce the anxiety that comes moments after an accident. Consequently, the claims process will be smoother if you follow the guideline provided below. You need to protect yourself and your interests after an automobile accident by doing certain things, which are listed below.


Move to a safe area


If you aren’t injured, and it is safe to proceed to a safe area, please do so. Move your vehicle out of further harm’s way. You can move it to the shoulder of the road. Flip on hazards to act as a warning sign to other drivers if you are not able to move your vehicle. That way, other drivers get warned that your car is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Stop your car and get out


Make sure your car is not moving by switching off the engine and shifting into park. Take a moment to relax and catch your breath. However, before getting out of your vehicle, check to make sure it is safe to get out before you open the door. Use flares or other road safety items.


Check on others involved


Check on other victims involved in the car accident like drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Make sure no one is hurt, and if there are causalities call 911. Don’t overlook even the minor injuries or symptoms like dizziness. They should be checked out by a health expert.


Call the police


Don’t overlook the importance of calling the police even if the injuries are minor. You need the police to come to the scene and file a police report, which is necessary when filing a claim with your insurance company. Make sure that the cars involved in the accident remain where they are unless they are interfering with the traffic. When writing the police report, make sure you cooperate with the police. Tell them everything that happened without speculating or making guesses. If the police ask if you are injured and you are not sure, just say you aren’t sure instated of saying no, because injuries and pains after car accidents become apparent some hours after the collision.


Gather information


The investigating police collect information. However, it is important that you obtain necessary information that will help you especially if you plan on filing a claim with insurance companies. Get insurance information by seeing the insurance cards of other cars involved in the accident. Get contacts of witnesses so that you or your insurance company can contact them in future. Additionally, get names and telephone numbers of the other drivers, passengers or pedestrians involved in the accident. However, don’t interfere with ongoing police investigation.


Document the scene


You need to take photos of the accident scene. Make sure the photos are clear enough to show visible damages on your car. If your injuries are visible, ensure that you take a picture of the same too. The photos will come in handy when filing your insurance claim.


File your insurance claim


Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Most insurers require victims to report the case immediately, and your nyc personal injury attorney can help you do that. Tell your insurer the truth to avoid getting into trouble. Find out from your insurer if medical benefits are part of your insurance coverage. Make sure you seek guidance from a qualified nyc personal injury lawyer when filing for your claim.


Seek medical attention


In most cases, injuries resulting from car accidents are not immediately apparent. Most clients feel pain a day or two after the accident. Make sure you keep a file of the medical records after visiting your doctor. Qualified nyc personal injury lawyers will help you to keep the file by including all relevant information.

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