Victorville Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Victorville, California, calls itself the “Key City of the High Desert.” Located in Victor Valley in southern California, this city of more than 115,000 has a long history of welcoming travelers who were on a long trek across the desert and heading west. Today, Victorville is more crowded with automobiles than with covered wagons. Lots of automobiles in town also means automobile accidents, which also – and unfortunately – may mean accidents to those outside the automobiles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 60,000 pedestrians are injured each year in the United States. About 5,000 of them die as a result of these accidents. With traffic at a high volume almost anywhere in southern California and with numbers of tourists adding to the already crowded streets, the chances of a pedestrian getting hurt by a careless driver are always at a high level. It happens every day somewhere in the state.

Most car accidents that involve pedestrians are the result of careless drivers who pull out of driveways or speed around a corner without looking to see if someone is in back of the car or walking by. Pedestrian accidents are often very severe simply because the person who is hit by a car isn’t protected by seatbelts or air bags or a 3,000-pound machine. The only that protects the pedestrian is his or her skin and bones, which usually are not much of a contest against an unyielding rear bumper.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, contact a Victorville pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Injuries from such a collision may be fractured or sprained bones, nerve damage, spinal injuries, paralysis, brain damage, and even death. Besides dealing with recovery from injuries, the injured pedestrian usually has to face medical expenses, lost wages, emotional stress, and possible disfigurement. Some of these pedestrian accidents can involve extensive rehabilitation and long-term treatment.

As if the pain and suffering of such a collision is not enough punishment, in some of these accidents, the driver speeds off. That leaves the injured person with the difficult task and stress of finding who is responsible and getting just compensation for injuries.

Finding just compensation for pedestrians who are injured is the task of a Victorville pedestrian accident lawyer. We will protect your rights and seek recovery from the at-fault driver. We will also work with authorities on the criminal side of the case.

You spend your time recovering from your injuries. We will spend out time making sure that you are justly compensated. Call us today.