San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers

San Bernardino in southern California is the seat of San Bernardino County, which is the largest county in the United States. It is, in fact, larger than each of the nine smallest U.S. states. With all that space, people don’t usually walk to get from here to there. In San Bernardino, they usually drive, and sometimes when people drive a lot, they drive right into each other.

Driving into each other plus all kinds of different mishaps on the road add up to six million car accidents that take place every year all across the United States. It probably comes as no surprise that about 40% of them involve alcohol, or that about 30% of them involve driving too fast.

Car accidents mainly happen for three reasons: misconduct, negligence, and product liability. Misconduct implies that the driver is aware of what he or she is doing, but does not care enough to stop. Alcohol is often involved. Negligence is generally considered reason number one for car accidents. In these cases, the driver is not paying enough attention to the road or road conditions. Product liability puts the blame on the car, not the driver. A defective tire may blow out, causing a crash. In that case, the manufacturer may be liable for damage, even though there is no intent to harm.

Whether you live in San Bernardino or anywhere in the United States, rule number one following a car accident should always be to get medical help if that is needed. If you are involved in a car accident n San Bernardino, rule number two should be to call a San Bernardino car accident lawyer. As in most all states, California has time limits on when a car accident lawsuit may be filed. Don’t lose out on what may be your compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your car may be damaged or destroyed, and you also need compensation for that loss.

A San Bernardino car accident lawyer has experience concerning all the laws that govern all types of auto accidents in the state. This expertise can be your assurance that all your rights will be protected and all aspects of your case will be covered. Do not try to struggle alone through the tangle of car accidents laws in California. Let the best take on the struggle. Call a San Bernardino car accident lawyer now.

Every year, approximately 1.3 million people die in road crashes, and an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled. We rely on our vehicles to get us where we need to go, but, no matter how defensively we drive, the fact remains that it can happen to anyone. If you have been involved in a car accident, there are many ways in which you can be impacted, and the professional staff here at Raiser & Kenniff Law Firm has the skill and experience to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We see commercials and other forms of advertisements for insurance companies every day, and they typically portray themselves as caring individuals who truly want to help. In reality, though, they are businesses looking to make a buck, and you can be certain they will do what they can to pay out as little as possible when it comes to your car accident.

When you face insurance companies in the courtroom, they will be represented by their attorneys, and they invest wisely in strong legal counsel. Unless you have an extensive background in the law, it’s not a good idea to face them alone. When you work with our staff, we go the extra mile to best ensure you are fully and fairly compensated as well as make sure the other side doesn’t use fast talk and legal jargon to cheat you out of the money you deserve.
During such a stressful time, it’s difficult to be faced with so many sudden decisions. Considering the added financial pressures, it’s common for mistakes to be made. If you feel you’d save money by representing yourself, consider this. Once claims are denied or offers are made that are less than full value, it can be more difficult for your legal counsel to reverse decisions and correct any potential mistakes that have been made. Our staff understands the tremendous amount of stress you’re under during this trying time, and we offer a free consultation. Best of all, you pay us nothing until we yield results.

It’s crucial that you know just how much your claim is worth. True, there are personal injury calculators you can use that will provide you a rough estimate, but you could still be missing out when it comes to the final value of your settlement. Our legal counsel brings experience to the table, and we can help you understand the subtleties of your specific injury case. To come up with an accurate value to assign to your case, we will:

  • Analyze your injuries
  • Assign a value to your pain and suffering
  • Analyze the tactics being taken by the insurance company
  • Negotiate your settlement

It takes years of education and experience to understand how to navigate through the legal process following a car accident, and our staff is here to make sure the litigation and mediation of your claim is properly handled. Failure to follow even a minor legal process could cost you thousands of dollars, and we ensure all your bases are covered when it comes to:

  • Filing legal documents
  • Properly completing forms
  • Abiding by the applicable statute of limitations

When you work with our competent staff, you will quickly find that your well-being is our number one concern. If our helpful and friendly attitudes don’t convince you, however, you know we’re motivated because we work on a contingency basis. This means that, unless you receive an insurance settlement, we don’t get paid. This ensures you that we will go the extra mile to get you the highest compensation possible, and you can rest assured that we will make your case a priority and get you adequate compensation in a timely fashion. After an initial consultation, we can assess the case and determine the best route to take for success.
Whether you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, the days, weeks, and months ahead will be challenging ones. Aside from recovering from debilitating injuries, you also have the struggle of paying numerous unexpected bills. Couple that with the possibility of not being able to perform your regular job duties, and the problem becomes one that may seem impossible to overcome.

Here at the Raiser & Kenniff Law Firm, we have experience working with clients just like you, and we go to work to help you receive maximum compensation. It’s our goal that you’re able to get back on your feet and move on with life, so call us today for a consultation.