San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyers

Honest and hard-working people are injured every day through no fault of their own, and medical bills pile up in the wake of an accident. You may have been hurt on the job, or you may have fallen down in a public place. Car accidents happen every day, and you may be badly wounded when another driver crashes into your car. You need a lawyer to help you find compensation after your accident, and this article explains what your personal injury attorney will do after your accident occurs.

#1: Contact Your Lawyer Immediately

Personal injury cases lose their potency when you wait to file a claim. You must contact an attorney immediately after the accident occurs, and you may take an appointment with your lawyer as soon as possible. A free consultation will help your lawyer determine the nature of your case, and your attorney may collect a bit of preliminary evidence on your case.

Every lawyer is required to turn down cases that have no merit, and an attorney is obligated by ethical standards to turn you away if your case cannot be contested properly. You do not want to waste your money on a case you cannot win, and your attorney does not want to waste your time. Allow your attorney to determine the merits of your case before you continue.

#2: Where Did The Accident Occur?

Car accidents are the most common personal injury cases, but accidents can occur anywhere. You may slip and fall at work, or you may slip and fall in a public place. The owner of the property or vehicle is responsible for your injuries, and you must know who you will file a claim against. The other driver in an accident is responsible for your injuries if they are found to be at-fault. Your attorney will investigate the case, and the police report offers an assessment of the crash scene.

People who slip and fall at work may sue their employees, and anyone who falls in public may sue the owner of the property. A private property owner can be held liable for injuries, or the city that owns the property can be sued in civil court. You must ensure that you are clear on the circumstances of your case, or you must allow your attorney to determine where the injury occurred. There may be a fine line between one property line and another, and your attorney must file suit against the proper party.

#3: How Does The Case Proceed?

Personal injury cases require a formal filing, and your attorney will pay the fee for filing. You must ensure that you inform the other party as soon as possible, and your attorney may work with the defendant’s attorney on a settlement. Settlements happen out of court all the time, and you may walk away with quite a bit of money from a settlement that was reached by your attorney.

Any case that is not settled will go to trial with your attorney arguing your case. You may not be called as a witness, and your attorney will prepare you to testify. There is no charge if you lose your case, and your attorney will be paid their normal rate if you win your case. No lawyer can guarantee good results, but you will receive a vigorous defense against wrongful injury in court.

Your San Bernardino personal injury lawyer will help you file a claim against someone who has caused you bodily harm. Municipal property owners, private property owners and drivers are responsible for your compensation after an accident, and you can move on with your life after a terrible accident. You know how much money is required to cover your medical bills and support your family. A personal injury attorney will come to your aid immediately after your accident.