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San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Have you been injured in a bicycling accident in San Diego? Bicycle accidents are very common as bicycling continues to grow as a popular activity in Southern California. While numerous cities have dedicated bike lanes, and have enacted laws designed to protect bicyclists, – injuries still happen. Drivers not paying attention hit bicyclists, causing damages, and pain and suffering.

Accident victims have the right to seek full, and fair, financial compensation for any injuries they suffer. In addition, our team of bicycle accident attorneys can help clients get compensation for things like their bike, and any other property which was damaged due to the accident. Even though the insurance company will deny responsibility, we use forensic evidence and expert testimony to build a strong case.

Cleant Testimonials

Amanda Ortega.

My daughter and I, were victims of a drunk driver. He went off the freeway and landed on my vehicle. My back window was shattered and my baby was in the backseat. Luckily we were okay. Sore and bruised, but somehow okay. The drunk driver’s insurance was unwilling to accept fault for the accident because he was in jail and they were unable to reach him to get his version of facts. I was hurt and needed help right away. Farar Law was able get Mercury insurance to accept fault for the accident. I would highly recommend Farar Law to anyone involved in an accident.

- Amanda Ortega.

Cleant Testimonials

“Excelent Professonial Services”

I was driving home merging onto the 110 S/B FWY, when I was rear-ended. Immediately, I felt pain to my lower back and neck. Initially I thought I would be okay, but as time went by I wasn’t feeling any better and my doctors were not giving me a good prognosis, I had really injured my back. I had heard great things about Farar Law, so I decided to give them a call. I spoke to Joel Farar…

- Robert F.


Roadways in San Diego are filled with major traffic. Rush hour is crazy, and traffic is only getting worse. Many efforts are made to encourage people to ride their bike, instead of driving their car. More and more people are grabbing a bike, and commuting to work. More bikers, means more accidents. Bike collisions are becoming more and more common. Cyclists, like pedestrians, always has the right of way. Cars must yield to those on a bike. When a driver gets his/her license, this is one of the first things they are told. Many drivers forget this rule. They look at bikers as a burden. People in LA are in a hurry to get where they have to go, and they forget to slow down for bicyclists.

Bikers Don’t Have Protection

Cars provide drivers with protection. If the car is in an accident, the car protects the driver. Bikers have no protection. Many don’t wear their helmets. There’s no protection. As a result, these accidents often end in serious injuries. Many accidents happen because a motorist doesn’t give the biker respect, and room.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers can help

If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a bicycle accident – then you have right. In order to protect your legal rights, you need an experienced San Diego bicycle accident attorney to represent, and protect you. In order to win a bicycle accident case, you need an attorney who has years of experience handling personal injury matters.

You’ve been injured – you need help – now what?

First, call our office and schedule a consultation. During this session, we’ll go over the facts regarding your case. We’ll look for proof of the other parties negligence in your story. During the initial consultation, we try to be transparent and give you our frank opinion on whether you have a case or not. This is a free consultation, and doesn’t cost you anything. If we need to do further investigation – we’ll do that as well for free. All work we do is done on a contingency fee basis. That means even if we don’t win your case – you don’t owe a penny. We’ll draft the necessary documents and start handling your case.

We start negotiating and building a case

After you sign up with us, we’ll start building your legal claim. We’ll begin negotiations with the opposing insurance company. In almost all cases, we deal with the opposing insurance company and not the person driving the car. Many claims are often resolved without going to court. Our team of attorneys uses specific formulas to come up with a total value of your claim. This formula includes things like lost wages, pain and suffering, quality of life, the type of injury, and many other variables. After sufficient discovery, and investigations have been concluded, we draft a demand letter and submit it to the opposing insurance company. At this point, negotiations begin. Depending on the strength of your case, the opposing insurance company may choose to settle without going to court. Some, will drag the process out as long as possible – and push for a formal trial.

Many insurers want to settle out of court, because court cases are costly to litigate. At the end of the day – we’re working for you, and work to help you get the most compensation possible. We will do everything in our power to serve you, and protect your financial interests.

Most insurance companies want to settle for as little as possible. It is very costly to go to court and litigate. Thus, they will usually present some settlement offer, even if it is laughable amounts at first. The more severe the injuries, the more apt they are to try to settle for a fair amount. However, if they feel that compensation is not warranted, they will fight hard to keep from paying anything. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we file a claim in court.

Things That You Should Know

After a bicycle accident, the first thing you should do is get medical care. Medical professionals can assess the extent of your injuries, and transfer you to a hospital if needed to get urgent care. The initial medical evaluation after your injuries is critical because it is used by our San Diego bicycle accident lawyers later, in court. Even if you don’t feel hurt after the accident, you still need to be checked out. In many cases, injuries do not present themselves until many days later. This is true especially in cases where there are muscular damages. If you do not go right after the accident, make sure to someone within the first 24 hours.

Never speak to anyone

Never speak to anyone but your attorney. The other insurance company might call you, or even the other driver might call you – you have to refrain from speaking. The other parties can call you, and record a statement without you even realizing. They can use the statement to twist your words, and make it seem like you are “faking” the injuries. Refrain from speaking to anyone, and let your attorney handle it. When you hire an attorney – the insurance company is not allowed to contact you anymore.

How long do cases take to settle?

Cases can take time to settle. It all depends on the complexity of the accident, and the injuries. Some cases can be settled in as little as two months, while others take years. One of the biggest mistakes victims make, is by settling their case early – and not waiting. This results in quicker settlements, but the settlement is smaller than if they had waited.


Premises Liability/Trip and Fall

FACTS: The Plaintiff stepped out of his apartment onto the apartment
building’s outdoor walkway when the Plaintiff tripped and fell on a
round tree dropping (liquidambar tree dropping). Several months
prior to the Plaintiff’s fall…


Motorcyclist suffers from automobile accident

FACTS: The Plaintiff’s motorcycle was cut off by the Defendant’s
vehicle causing the Plaintiff to violently impact the pavement. The
Plaintiff left the scene of the accident without seeking emergency
medical care.

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