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If an accident involving cars cause injury, death, or property damage, there are certain obligations every party involved in the crash has in the United States federal laws. One of the key obligations those cars have is stopping at the scene to provide insurance and contact information. If the driver does not stop as it is stipulated in the law, then the case is considered as a hit and run case accident.

When a driver causing an accident is made to be responsible for the for the damages caused during the event of an accident, this is made possible if the victim knows the person who was driving the car. However, this does not mean that there are no available options for people who are involved in a hit and run situation or collision. An experienced San Diego personal injury attorney has the experience and capability to explain your rights to you during the event of a hit and run accident. For this reason, they can work with you to get the necessary money needed to cover the losses.

Compensation in a New York Hit and Run Accident
Fleeing the accident scene in New York is illegal. While there are certain penalties under the law for the hit and run accidents, the civil liability for the accident is considered as a separate matter. If you are identified as the hit and run accident driver, you will be identified to recover for all the losses concerning the automotive accident losses. You must also show that the driver you identified was the one who was in the car during that time. Moreover, you must also show that it was that driver who caused the crash. You can get help building the case through the information gathered by the law enforcement. The San Diego personal injury attorneys will be your hand in investigating the crash to find the necessary evidence to have your claim supported.

If you become successful, the driver who hit you and runs away will be held liable to pay for:
• Your lost wages
• Your medical bills
• Emotional distress
• Pain and suffering damages
• Other monetary compensation

Compensation from Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage
It is imperative for you to understand that most of the hit and run accident drivers are not insured. For this reason, it will be difficult to recover than money from the driver if that is the case unless the person has enough assets for liquidation during judgment. If the driver who hit your car run away, or if he is not able to pay for your damages, then you could seek compensation from the insurance company. Such cases are filed under the underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM).

The UM/UIM coverage, which is often found under your New York automobile insurance policies unless you rejected it formally, will be of great help in recovering your car compensation if you are hit by a hit and run driver.

Dealing with Insurance Firms after the Hit and Run Accidents
While you are supposed to be made whole by the insurance company by allowing you to secure your compensation after the hit and run accident, not all assurance companies provide that coverage and obey the rules they must. There are chances that your insurance policy provider may deny you your compensation after the crash. If your insurance provider is unwilling to offer you enough compensation with what you need, you are capable of filing a bad-faith action against the insurance company.

Our Attorneys Help Hot-and-Run Victims get the Compensation they Deserve
It can be difficult, complicated, and stressful to negotiate with your insurance companies after the hit-and-run accident claims. Therefore, you must consult with your San Diego personal injury attorneys who will negotiate on your behalf. While the insurance company has professionals representing their interests, you must be backed up with your attorney to represent your interests as well.

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