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Approximately, one out of five vehicles crashing in the United States is considered as head on collision. On average, this is about twenty percent of all car accidents in the country. For all four of head on collision accidents, three of them occur in the rural parts of the country as well as the unmarked two lane roads. You will also be surprised to learn that more than 4.3 percent of all these head on collision accidents occur when one vehicle is attempting to overtake another.

While there are few rural highways in the United States, many of these collisions occur in the urban areas. When you think and understand the amount of energy created or absorbed by the two vehicles when they collide even at low speeds, you may know how both victims of the accident at both vehicles suffer such injuries or succumb to death.

If you or someone you love is injured during the occurrence of a head on collision accident that may have been caused by the negligence or reckless ness of the other party, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation. The San Diego personal injury lawyers are at the top level form of help you can get to hold the parties responsible for the accident accountable for their negligence. The San Diego personal injury lawyers will help you secure the full damages you deserve.

Head-On Collision Lawyers Advocate for Accident Victims
The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has it in their reports that the head on collisions are, in most cases, likely to occur when the driver decides to make an intentional maneuver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also categorized the unintentional maneuvers whenever the driver is asleep behind the steering wheel or one that tries to speed when they are negotiating a corner. Some of them engage in such accidents when they are distracted.

Whenever motorists or riders get distracted or drowsy, they can drift off the road and change their driving pattern and surface to get back their attention. For most drivers, they end up in the head on collision accidents when they overcorrect for this mistake steer towards the oncoming traffic. The NHTSA, moreover, reported that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol as well as speeding are some of the factors that contribute to head on collision accidents.

Regardless of the cause of your head on collision accident, it is always important to seek the advice of the San Diego personal injury lawyer to have your legal rights protected. These lawyers will fight for your rights and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Injuries Resulting From Head-On Collision Accidents
When such accidents take place, the injuries that are sustained by these victims can be fatal or catastrophic. It is, therefore, imperative for the attorney in charge of the case to have a proper understanding of the forces that were involved in such accidents to determine how severe the injuries and impact was on the accident victims.

Common injuries sustained from the head on collision accidents:
• Death
• Spinal cord injuries that emanate from quadriplegia or the paraplegia
• Back and neck injuries
• Organ injuries and internal bleeding
• Fractured or broken bones
• Traumatic injuries to the brain as well as other closed-head injuries

The legal team at the San Diego personal injury lawyers always work hard to advocate for their clients’ full recovery regarding finance through a well-prepared and detailed analysis of the case as well as court proceedings and negotiations.

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