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Here’s a great article from Nima Haddadi, a top rated Los Angeles DUI attorney. Being involved in a situation where you have been injured so badly that legal recourse is necessary is never a place one wants to be in. However, every day there are people that are put squarely in that spot. They have to decide in that moment what they are going to do to rectify the situation. For some this means calling up a lawyer and going over what their options are. The one thing that slows some down in their tracks is the question of how much it will cost to speak to that lawyer in the first place.

In most states the initial meeting with a lawyer is called an “initial consultation” and it is free. An San Diego personal injury attorney for example is not likely to charge you just to speak with him or her. They want to hear about your case so as to make a determination if you have a legal foot to stand on and bring your case to court. Frequently, the San Diego personal injury lawyer will see that you do have a case worthy of bringing to court, and they will help you do that if you decide to hire them.

What you should do when seeking out legal advice in these types of cases is look for an attorney who will speak to you for free. You should also look for one who says that he or she will work on contingency. That means that they do not collect any fee from you at all until your case is won. They will get their share of the money from the settlement or judgement that comes down at the end of the case. If you do not get a settlement or judgement, then the San Diego personal injury attorney does not get paid.

Attorneys do a lot of work (much of it behind the scenes) to get their clients the best possible representation they can. This means that you have to consider the time and effort that they have put into everything to get your case moving in the right direction. It can get expensive to have to pay that all out upfront and out of pocket. Fortunately, that is not necessarily what you have to do if you go with a lawyer who will agree to work on contingency. That type of lawyer will still do all of that work mentioned, but they will not expect payment until your case is won or settled. talks about how these free consultation/contingency plans work. They explain that while some people understandably feel that there has to be some catch to all of this, the reality is that those type of programs are actually quite common in personal injury law. There is nothing extraordinary about such a program, it is just a nice system for clients.

Many personal injury lawyers feel that they must move to a free consultation system and even work on contingency because they have to remain competitive. If one attorney is offering to hear your case for free until it is done with, then the others in town basically have to follow suit to continue to attract clients. It is simply a fact that a lot of clients do not have a lot of money to pay for an attorney upfront. They are looking for the best bargain while at the same time trying to get quality representation. It may seem like a big ask, but people can find it if they spent enough time looking for the right lawyers.

There is nothing wrong with asking an attorney about his or her fees right away. It is better to know what the program is than to just assume that there is an agreement that in reality does not exist. You can trick yourself into believing that you are on the same page with your attorney when you really are not if you are not careful. Make sure that you really are on the same page and that everyone understands what is going on. If you can accomplish that, then you are well on your way to getting your case looked at and hopefully resolved in your favor. That is what San Diego personal injury lawyers are around for. They really want to do best by their clients.

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