Do I need to see a medical professional within the first 14 days after my accident?


personal injury is any injury that results from reckless or negligent acts of another party. The parties that may be held liable for negligence or recklessness include an individual, a company, or other legally recognized entities. To receive compensation for any injuries sustained in the accident, you will have to establish the liability. Proving liability requires knowledge skills and experience of an San Diego personal injury attorney to handle the trial lawyer.

Automobile accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases. Every day people are involved in car accidents and are in need of proper compensation for the injury sustained. Having a competent San Diego personal injury attorney will ensure that all information is gathered to help with the presentation of evidence before the court.

What is required after getting injuries in a traffic collision?
If you are involved in an accident, you must obtain medical assistance within 14 days. Failure to seek medical help within these days may contribute to your insurance company refusing to give any compensation. It is common that after an accident, some people do not feel any pain or see any physical injury. As such, they do not bother to seek medical attention. This is because the adrenaline often masks pain sensation. It is, however, imperative to seek immediate medical care regardless of what you feel.

Other than being within the 14 days rule, seeking medical attention would also help to protect you from adverse effects of injuries. It is imperative to note that some injuries are not immediately determined but may slowly become a serious medical issue. By seeking immediate help from your San Diego personal injury attorney, you will be directed for a medical checkup before the 14 days elapse.

If you sustain injuries after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, the law requires that you should seek coverage for medical care, which is under the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of personal insurance. Under PIP, you will be entitled to a coverage of up to 80 percent of the medical care that is less than $ 10,000. However, this would only work on a condition that you must seek medical treatment immediately or within the 14 days after an accident. Through this period, your doctor should determine whether you have an emergency medical condition.

This implies that you must seek medical attention 14 days after the collision or else you will not be able to take advantage of your PIP coverage. Moreover, after the 14 days elapse, your doctor will not be allowed to submit your PIP insurer with the bill regardless of the nature of the injuries sustained.

How does 14 days rule work?
The 14-day rule usually applies to the initial treatment only. This is the first medical specialist who examines and evaluates your injuries after a car accident. The law is specific on the kind of medical professional who can offer the initiation treatment. The approved professionals include physicians, dentists, hospitals, emergency transport, chiropractors, and walk in clinics. This means that if the initial treatment is conducted by a physical therapist or other medical professionals not listed as legible for first treatment within the 14 days, then your insurance may not cover your medical treatment.

The initial treatment medical professionals are important because they assess whether you suffer from any immediate emergency condition. If they find it necessary, you will get no more than $ 10,000 PIP benefits. However, if you do not have any emergency medical condition, you will only have $ 2,500 PIP benefits. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer will tell you that medical professionals are not mandated by law to decide whether you need special care within 14 days after an accident. This is because they are allowed to do their work and make a comprehensive report. It is important to note that a chiropractor cannot confirm the presence of an injury but can tell when it is not present. Seeking medical attention within 14 days after an accident is crucial both for your health and for obtaining compensation from the insurance company.

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