How Can I Protect Myself and My Family after an Accident?


Whenever you get into your car with your family, you hope that you will arrive at our destination safely and without any major incidences. However, there are many driving hazards on the road, some of which can result in serious traffic accidents. While the actions of other drivers and road users are beyond your control, there are several steps that you can take when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. Whether you are injured or your car is damaged, you should not only be aware of your legal options but also ensure that your legal rights are protected. It is also necessary to protect both yourself and your family.

Ensure that you are safe
One of the most important steps to take in order to protect yourself and your family after an accident is to ensure that all of you are safe. Make sure that other drivers and road users can see you. This will help to avoid accidents that would potentially cause injuries and fatalities. You should also consider moving your car and family to a safe place where they will not be exposed to the risk of another accident.

Collect the relevant accident information
Part of fulfilling your obligations will involve exchanging information with the other driver. You should also make a point of getting their insurance information. If you intend to file a personal injury claim, it is advisable to record witness statements, take photographs of the scene and gather the relevant evidence. Such evidence will help your San Diego personal injury lawyers to present a strong case in your favor.

File an accident report
In case any member of your family has sustained injuries, you should report the accident to the police. The law also requires that accidents that result in property damage beyond a specified value be reported to local police.

See your doctor
Prioritizing your health and that of your family is an important step in ensuring that you are all protected. Some injuries that require immediate medical attention may not manifest in the period following the accident. Seeing your family doctor will ensure that everyone gets checked and injured persons receive the required medical attention.

Contact your insurance company
Even when you are not at fault, it would be important to report the incident to your insurance company. This will not only make it possible for you to file a claim but will also give your insurer the opportunity to carry out investigations to determine fault. When you reach out to your insurance company, you will get information about the coverage and benefits that your policy offers.

Keep all records from the accident
If you are to successfully make a claim against the other party, you will need to prove the damages you and your family suffered as a result of the accident. Preserving your medical bills, proof of lost income, letters from your insurance company, medical reports and a police report will go a long way in helping you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Avoid signing any papers without legal advice
While you may have nothing to hide, you should not sign any papers or give written or recorded statements without legal advice. Signing documents given by the other party or their insurer may cause you to lose valuable right and benefits. Similarly, giving written or recorded statements will undermine your interests, with the other party’s insurance company using the statement against you.

Contact an attorney
Contacting an attorney after an accident will help to protect you and your family. Regardless of who is at fault and other legal elements of the accident, San Diego personal injury lawyers will ensure that the legal rights of every member of your family are protected. The attorney will advise you and represent you in court if that becomes necessary.

You will enjoy numerous benefits if you choose to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. In case you are at fault, you will get the legal representation you need. If you file a personal injury claim, the legal expert will help you get the compensation you deserve. In the event that you sustained injuries as a result of the accident, the lawyer will handle the claim process on your behalf, allowing you the time you need to make full recovery.

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